Company Overvie

Company Overview

CM-7 Co., Ltd. is a Thai Engineering Firm founded in 1985. Initially, the company specialized in installation and maintenance work, but has since broadened its scope to complete turn key automation systems.

We offer professional consultant and engineering services

We offer professional consultant and engineering services in various fields such as, Automation System, System Design, Instrumentation, Electrical & Optical Cabling, Research & Development, Maintenance and any field related to Electrical and Electronics.

Thanks to our experienced engineering staff

Thanks to our experienced engineering staff, we are able to participate in all phases of a project from engineering design and development to installation and commissioning. Our team of in-house and field engineers/technicians also take care of services and maintenance contracts.

Bidding Document

Before the bidding document submitted, all sections responsible to the project are given the Statement of Work (SOW) they are involved to determine the cost and time they actually needed to complete those works. This way our bidding document represents the realistic target in all dimensions i.e., cost, time and performance.

Engineering Project Team

Engineering Project Team is organized depending on the nature of the project either Software/Hardware or Construction. Project manager is from the most involved department. He is incharged of both project team (Full time) and support team (Portion of projects duration) including subcontractors.

Planning and Scheduling

Project manager will control the project scheduling by employing Critical Path Method (CPM) and 'S' Curve diagrams with the support of all departments concerned to see through that the project completed efficiently and timely.

After Sales Servic

CM-7's responsibility is not only stopped at Installation/Commissioning. We make sure that the system is utilized to it's maximum performance by customer's operator via intensive training both Class room and On The Job Training along with complete Technical Documents and As-Built drawings.
After the system is up and running, we provide the maintenance both Corrective and Preventive Maintenance to ensure that the system is healthy through out its operational life. We set up the Maintenance Section specially for this purpose. The maintenance team comprised of people who knows the system and supported by group of people who design and build the system.