Product & Solution

4 Department as, Administration Marketing Engineering Construction.


This department sees and administrates the welfare of our work forces including all financial works. Safety-Health-Environment (SHE) section is also under this department.


Customer relationship is under this department responsibility. As engineering project consists of a lot of equipments and materials so purchasing and stock section are placed under this department to achieve the most competitive bidding documents. Likewise, site-preparation engineering team which employs huge amount of instruments for project hardware installation is under this department.


Three sections are grouped under this department. Engineering section takes care of project design and project drawing including hardware installation. System section responsible for all software programming and system commissioning. After the project is completed and system is up and running, maintenance section will take over to see that the system is healthy and function the same as it is designed.


All mechanic and civil works including oil/gas piping and tank construction are under the responsibility of this department. Our workshop facilities at King Kaew Industrial Area allow us to fabricate and construct all kinds of work related to both mechanical and civil work.