We offer professional consultant and engineering services

We offer professional consultant and engineering services in various fields such as, Automation System, System Design, Instrumentation, Electrical & Optical Cabling, Research & Development, Maintenance and any field related to Electrical and Electronics.



Before the bidding document submitted, all sections responsible to the project are given the Statement of Work (SOW)


Project Team

Engineering Project Team is organized depending on the nature of the project either Software/Hardware or Construction. Project manager is from the most involved department.


Planning and Scheduling

Project manager will control the project scheduling by employing Critical Path Method (CPM) and 'S' Curve diagrams with the support of all departments.


After Sales Service

CM-7's responsibility is not only stopped at Installation/Commissioning. We make sure that the system is utilized to it's maximum performance.



We are socially responsible and Corporate environment Which is operating under the principles of good ethics and management By being responsible to society and the environment, both inside and outside the organization Which leads to sustainable development


ISO9001:2015 Guarantee

We Have ISO9001:2015 Guarantee

Grown around the need for specialist services

CM-7 Co., Ltd. has grown around the need for specialist services in both hardware and software engineering and field system integration. Filling the gap between the supplier and the user, providing customized design, long term support and on the spot assistance that only a Thai engineering firm can bring.

Contact Information

We have 4 offices, head office, Kingkaew branch office, Saraburi branch office and Rayong branch office..

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