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CSR ACTIVITY : Nov 16-17, 2019
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CM-7 CSR activity at Bandai Ma Temple, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province.


OUTING PARTY : Nov 16-17, 2019
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CM-7 Outing Patry 2019. Singing, playing, dancing, cowboy style.



ISO9001:2015 CM-7 Audit : Nov 08, 2019
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Audit Scope: Installation and maintenance of electrical & instrument, communication system, piping, and automation control systems for petrochemical industries, oil and gas industries. More


Welcome to CM-7

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Grown around the need for specialist services

CM-7 Co., Ltd. has grown around the need for specialist services in both hardware and software engineering and field system integration. Filling the gap between the supplier and the user, providing customized design, long term support and on the spot assistance that only a Thai engineering firm can bring.

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Activities and experience

You will find in our website that our references cover a wide scope of activities and experience in the field of automation, system design and integration

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Your guarantee of a continued

Our long standing presence and ongoing involvement with our customers is your guarantee of a continued service bringing you the best professional support together with the flexibility and dedication that have become our trademark.

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Consultant and integration services

For consultant and integration services, feasibility or system analysis, call us you will meet the team that keep their priorities right, Service and Quality.


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