Automation System

All requirements and potential problems will be thoroughly studied and solved before system design and development to ensure our customer utmost satisfaction (tailor-made).

Thanks to our long year of involvement and experience in the fields, we can integrate all field instruments, equipment and interfacing to PLC/SCADA to provide full automation system. Control and Interlock (C&I), Interlock Shut Down, Emergency Shut Down (ESD). Fire Alarm or any other sub-systems that needed to be controlled and monitored can be incorporated. All events and processes will be monitored, logged and reported.

CM-7’s Automation System can be interfaced with customer’s ERP or Ordering System via Oracle, Microsoft SQL or any other platforms.

Apart from Oil & Gas Industries, we have broadened our scope to supply the system to other Factory Automation field such as Ethanol, Sugar and Food, etc.

Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I)

As mentioned, we have served in a wide range of industries, so we also have experience and hands-on in E&I work.

Our E&I work includes installation and startup of Power Transformer/NGR/Capacitor Bank, Switchgear and Breaker (Low to Medium Voltage), Fabrication of MDB, Bus Bar or Bus Duct.

We also offer field instruments/equipment installation, Earthing/Grounding System, Power Cable Pulling/DC High Potential Test, etc.

Our scope of services also includes Cabling/Conduiting for control, power, signal and F/O cable. Network and CCTV are also in our range of expertise.

Civil and Construction

To further our line of Engineering Service, we have extended our scope of services to include Civil and Construction work, including;


  • Fabrication and Welding
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Installation
  • Startup and Commissioning


  • Power Cable Laying
  • Trenching
  • Cable Tray Installation
  • Conduiting
  • Under Ground Work
  • Testing and Terminating


  • Tank Construction
  • Steel Structure Fabrication and Erection
  • Scaffolding

After Sales Service, Maintenance and trouble-shooting

To conclude and perfect our range of Engineering Services, we have set up a special technical team to take care of maintenance aspects. Our maintenance team also takes care of the system and installation during our Warranty Period stipulated on the contract, including;

  • Corrective Maintenance (CM)
    • Our experienced service and maintenance team is available 24/7
    • The service covers both Warranty Period and Maintenance Contract
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM)
    • The service is designed to ensure that the system and associated instrument/equipment will be healthy and minimize the downtime as low as possible
    • Time and duration of PM will be determined ahead to ensure the availability of the system to be serviced

Our strong point is to handle and execute any assigned project to the highest quality achievable. More than 35 years in the field of Engineering Services and keep on going strong is our dedicated commitment to our valuable customers.

Our top priority is the customer’s utmost satisfaction.

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